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"Focused on OUR priorities, Joe's team is the most detail-oriented, client focused company that I have ever worked with. For me, they stand alone in their industry. They utilize their experience to dig deep and learn our clients needs and desires so that we can produce benefit laden materials that get us a better ROI. Even in extreme cases, they have met EVERY deadline on all of our projects."

Nicole LaPointe • PCI
Market - Education
Seven Branches, MA & CT


"JC Marketing Communications did a great job on our website. We are pleased with the easy navigation and custom eyecatching "WOW" factor that they built into our site. The team utilized a structured approach which served to keep our project on schedule despite some of the delays caused by us, the client. Our feedback was invited at multiple points during the development of the website and this really helped facilitate communications and avoid confusion throughout the process."

John Gaewsky • Sounds Easy
Market - Products


"JCMC of CT is our longest tenured vendor (14+ years). We utilize a Connecticut-based firm for all print materials because we receive cleverly devised strategies and solutions for whatever the project. They provide quality design options and deliverables ON TIME, EVERY TIME. Their work...highest quality and it gets done in a New York second!"

Meg Boyd • CHE
Market - Healthcare
Newtown, PA


"JC Marketing is the most conscientious company that I have ever worked with. Though they have clients nationwide who spend more money, they make us feel that we are the most important client they have. You just don't find these qualities in businesses anymore. They met our deadlines always and keep in contact with us throughout every phase
of our projects."

Joelle Marko • SJI
Market - Home Inspection
Naugatuck, CT


"JCMC is a team of THINKers and DOers. They create marketing materials that speak to our customers' wants and needs. Joe's team focuses our message toward the client and ONLY the client. JCMC provides all the intangibles you don't have time to devote energy to—any service or strategy to give us an edge. And they devise materials geared to helping us stay on the phone less...in order to finalize a sale quicker."

Jane Gaudiosi • Can-it LLC
Market - Refuse Removal
Wolcott, CT


"Joe and his team handled all the details of our website from start-to-finish so we could concentrate on running our business. We don't have time to worry about content and annoying photo details. The result: our four web sites are easy to navigate, the marketing message is thorough and we're positioned stronger than our competition. Many customers who visit our sites, say how impressed they are with the ease of finding our services and information."

Management Team • USPGM
Market - Property Management
Wolcott & Westport, CT


"The technology industry is dynamic and competitive. To excel in this arena we demand high-end, creative marketing materials that separate us from the competition. We need sales tools quickly and they must produce a sizable ROI-JC Marketing Communications exceeds all of our expectations."

Cindy Alemida • SI
Market - Technology
Glastonbury, CT


"From my perspective, your twenty custom posters and banner were perfect additions to our 10th Heritage Day Event. I enjoyed working with your team and would recommend your company in a heartbeat. Joe, our event was a wonderful day for all. Thanks to you and your team's efforts—you did all the components in less than one week! Again, your custom artwork really added to the ambience of the event. Colorful and professional, many of the award winners asked if they could have the 16" x 20" easel backed posters as souvenirs. What a response!"

Marian Schaner • CHE
Market - Healthcare
Newtown Square, PA


"All of my projects produced by JCMC are done quickly and worry free! And the image brand they provide for us is astounding. Initially, I had doubts working with an out-of-state firm, but communications are met with ease, as if you're in the next room! I'd advise anyone to choose JCMC if they want to develop a credible brand!"

April T. Sargent • PS&HS
Market - Skating
Ardmore, PA


"Home heating oil & propane services and Lawn fertilizing are a dog-eat-dog business. It takes creativity and hard work to differentiate oneself in the marketplace when 'price' is most often the deciding factor. Prior to partnering with JC Marketing, we overserved customers to build our reputation. Outside of this, we didn't have a unique selling proposition or focused marketing strategy. Importantly, we had no means of tracking which ads did better than others. Today, JCMC builds in carefully crafted components in our ads that get customers to call and act immediately. It's comforting to know that contained in every marketing piece, JCMC makes sure our message consistently explains to potential customers why a prospect should buy from Musco or Dr. Green now."

Randy Petroniro • MP/MO/DGL
Market - Oil & Propane
Wolcott, CT


"We needed materials for a spur-of-the-moment internal SALES CONFERENCE.
Our former ad agency indicated to us that our 11-day turnaround deadline for much needed materials was impossible to meet. From reputation only, we called and hired JCMC. Not surprisingly, Joe's team came through. And best of all, JCMC created and delivered one-of-a-kind, high-end materials to us...IN ONLY nine days! And the deliverables were of such high-caliber, we soon had JCMC redesign our entire brochure, tradeshow booth and product sheets.
They walk-the-walk...
AND talk-the-talk."

Market - Waste Removal


"Most important to us is that our materials get sales. JCMC develops our sales materials from brochures and trade ads, to booth graphics. Our tools clearly outline our benefits to our target market...and no one in our industry has a 'WOW' factor like ours! From concept to completion, all our projects track smoothly... You have got to be crazy not to work with Joe and his staff."

K. Stokes • FI
Market - Manufacturing
Waterbury, CT


"The consummate printer's ally because JCMC knows technology and how best to use it! Most clients don't think it's important for their agency to interact efficiently with a printer. That's absolutely false! The JCMC staff prepares FLAWLESS digital files for print. Our print preparation time is down to 'drag and drop'. On nearly every occasion, Joe's team actually get us digital files earlier than the assigned deadline. Press proofs become a no-brainer because JCMCs files are that much easier to print. Critical to the overall mission-we can get JCMC's client message-to-market quicker so they can begin selling instantly. You can count on JCMC to provide the intangibles that make any print project track smoothly!"

Jim Sporko • BCP
Market - Printing
Waterbury, CT

Success is best illustrated and measured through our clients own experiences. These case studies contain quantifiable proof that our methodologies really work...

Below are a few CASE STUDIES & TESTIMONIALS which quantify the measurable benefits and the effectiveness of JC Marketing's marketing skills, distribution knowledge, technical expertise, client involvement, graphic design talent and deliverables. You will learn exactly how JC Marketing has helped their company in a productive, creative and meaningful way. In nearly all cases-clients had different goals and expectations so their area of fulfillment is reflected. Whether sales and market share increased...or a good experience was had...or remarkable turnaround of materials occurred, it's all documented for your review.

Below you will learn how companies from a vast array of market segments benefited from our strategies. In all cases, our proven methodologies met...or exceeded our clients goals! Still skeptical? Any of the clients profiled below would be happy to tell you themselves, just call us 860.621.8866. We'll get you their contact info so can ask them yourself. See how many of our competitors encourage you to do that...


$25,000 dollars invested-$5,000,000+ returned on investment. "Joe, the folder and inner marketing materials your team produced for Specialty Fabrications, Inc. have helped us open the door into several major accounts in a short period of time. A busy buyer for a major defense contractor recently offered me a brief five minute meeting in the company lobby. Standing there, he quickly reviewed our marketing literature that you (JCMC) created. I was immediately escorted into his office to gather specs for a sizable quote. Within a few weeks, we secured a multi-million dollar project from that contractor. This client specifically noted the materials YOU (JCMC) created were the reason he had to give us an opportunity. JCMC, your work positions our firm perfectly. It gives us credibility and has tremendous impact. We owe it all to your experience when producing content-driven, money-making marketing materials! Joe, the best thing I did was let go of my ego...get out of the way...and let you (JCMC) do your job!"

Jack Adams • Marketing/East Coast
SFI - Simi Valley, CA


Doing the homework ahead virtually guaranteed our campaign's success—Three hundred percent return on investment (ROI)!
"JC Marketing Communications (JCMC) is different than anyone we've EVER worked with. Instead of doing an attractive graphic design piece and "hoping it would work," they instead helped us to create our strategy...BEFORE the tactic.

The strategy: After developing our unique selling proposition (strategy),
JC Marketing advised us to do a cost-effective direct mail campaign (tactic). The unique selling proposition (USP) determined we should focus on a fifth grade level niche market. Our USP was critical to positioning our business so we could clearly communicate to fifth grade teachers exactly what differentiates our tour, from all our competitors.

The tactic: The 6" x 8.5" postcard content and design JC Marketing developed clearly outlines our features & benefits—positioning us as the obvious choice. It's slick execution projects 'value and credibility.'

I don't have deep pockets so cost is always a factor. Our overall postcard project fees totaled just under $3,200* and included copywriting; design; mailing lists; postage/mailing costs and printing. A quantity of 1,400 postcards were mailed to fifth grade teachers in four New England states. JCMC insisted that our postcards be mailed directly to the home addresses of the teachers, and NOT to the school. JCMC explained that we shouldn't take the chance that a "gatekeeper" (secretary) from the school would screen the mailing. Doing so might risk her throwing many away. Within 18 days of our mailing, this campaign yielded a phenomenal three hundred percent return on investment—completely selling out ALL our available tour dates. JCMCs approach proved to be an effective way to get INSTANT bang for our buck."

Ben Edwards • President
WTHB - Boston, MA

*Total above did not include a one-time USP fee.



High School gets a boost in enrollment and credibility-almost a 100 percent increase! "The recruitment kit produced for our public high school (AIT&E) has helped our mission on many levels. Prior to our formal branding launch, we were using desktop generated materials in a plain white folder to reach new recruits. This 'stop-gap' method met with minimal return and impact.

JC Marketing Communications (JCMC) produced for us a comprehensive recruitment kit with elements geared to increasing student population. In the first 12 months that we used JCMCs (four-component) package, recruiters and parents noted that our new kit clearly outlined the benefits and features of attending our school. Student enrollment nearly doubled after launching our new brochure and today we now have a waiting list for those who wish to attend. We are grateful to JCMCs team for crafting our message into a benefit laden, informative, energized & professional package. We honestly believe our recruitment kit couldn't have made the mission easier. It's extremely thorough and communicates our message clearly and concisely to both the student and parent. And best of all, JCMC went from concept to completion...from photography, to copywriting, to design, to print deliverables...providing ALL of our materials in under five weeks.

Moreover, through the tireless efforts of our school staff with our professional looking recruitment kit, we have secured several million dollars of additional state funding for our new, state-of-the-art campus facility which we enjoy now. Today, we have become a magnet school with a waiting list of students...

Lastly, we are grateful to your design team who worked with students, notably Ben, to help create a school mascot (RAM) logo at no additional cost."

Paul Gross • AIT&EHS
Stamford, CT


"Why take a chance with an unknown when JC Marketing is proven? Basically, JCMC sells success and focuses on my company's mission like we are their only client. They dig deeper and work harder than anyone to make sure we position ourselves perfectly in our marketplace. Don't get me wrong, sometimes it's painful to keep trying to be better than the competition. There is no magic wand. Joe encourages you to work at being the best in your industry. He has great advice that keeps us focused. JCMC wants us to promote why our prospects NEED to work with us. Specifically, JCMC blends marketing savvy benefit laden copy, with intense graphic imagery. And because of my busy schedule, I often ask JC Marketing for turnaround that few, if any ad agencies offer.

One time, we found ourselves needing a brochure for a tradeshow in France—we absolutely, positively NEEDED a six panel pocketed/diecut brochure copywritten, photographed, designed, printed and delivered in less than nine working days. As always, JCMC came through. Quality & turnaround....NONE BETTER! And best of all they offered six options so we could choose which message best fit us (see below BONUS SAMPLE)."

John added, "JCMC created a brochure that separates us from the competition in our global niche. And as an extra, because of JCMCs print engineering prowess—my company was treated to free, full-color business cards. We couldn't be happier with the effort JCMC provides. I'd be happy to endorse JCMC anytime, anywhere. No other firm takes on your mission...as if it were their own."

John Tauriello
Director, Sales & Marketing
AEC - Rochester, NH


QUICK TURNAROUND, OPTIONS and CLIENT CHOICES-For the above project, JC Marketing initially provided six, high resolution cover designs for approval. All six options were created in high resolution and submitted to client within 24 hours of the project being "green lighted." Client chose the one to the far right with minor adjustments. Once chosen, JCMC proceeded on the balance of the project.


11-day turnaround! A 20-page Annual Review is concepted, written, designed, printed and delivered.

Documented is the timeline for this project:

1:00 p.m. EST on Thursday, February 10, 2000:
JC Marketing (JCMC) was contacted by Catholic Health East with the assignment to create its "1999" 20- page Annual Review. Full color cover with varnish, two-color interior. Interior printing would be cyan blue and black (with matte varnish)—spot color & duotones.

Client due date:
Client requested that its Annual Review be in-hand on morning of Monday, February 21, 2006 (including printing & delivery) for the CHE Sponsors Meeting. (Only 11 production days for 5000 pieces). This 8.5" wide x 11" tall saddle stitched piece (16 pages plus cover) needed to be concepted, written, photography needed to be gathered in order for design to commence.

2:00 p.m. EST on Thursday, February 10, 2000:
JCMC team began engineering of the project, establishing a timeline and assigning personnel. Three JCMC staffers were assigned to the project.

3:00 p.m. EST on Thursday, February 10, 2000:
Two hours after client request, a project plan was shared with CHE's Vice President of Corporate Communications. JCMC suggested page sequence that included: an intro page, a sponsors page, and seven pages to illustrate the Core Values of CHE. In addition, there would be a two-page spread— "Year at a Glance" (chronicling 22 RHCs under CHE). Lastly, pages for financials and the entire CHE governing body rounded out the document.

Design of the cover commenced immediately after the conference call.
Actual photography & stock imagery was gathered. Images were scanned, color corrected and internal design commenced.

9 a.m. Friday, February 11, 2000:
Full color cover art (and back cover art) options were emailed to CHE for approval.

12 noon EST on Friday, February 11, 2000:
Full color cover art (and back cover art) was approved. Project commenced with the scanning and adjustment of 60 photos. Interior page layouts were fashioned with "greek/dummy" text while writing was in process. Design & layout continued throughout the weekend (February 12 & 13). Design with "greeked copy" was emailed in pdf form to CHE home office at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, February 14, 2000.

Throughout the day Monday, first draft copy was positioned on each page, captions were added to images and after each page was designed/completed, proofs were emailed to CHE for review.

Layout continued, revisions to text were ongoing and final signoff on document occurred 2 p.m. EST on Thursday, February 17, 2000. Print file preparation commenced and all pages were made ready for printing.

Dylux proof/blueline was approved Friday, February 18, 2000 & printing commenced throughout the day. Bindery occurred on Saturday, February 19, 2000 and 5000 pieces were boxed and readied to go for Monday. Final piece delivered via our own transport van to clients home office in Pennsylvania on Monday, February 21, 2000 at noon EST.

Corporate Communications


"Multitude of logo options produced in under 3 days!" Bob Kelly of Client Dimensions in PA was in need of a corporate identity for his parent company. With a tradeshow just days away-quality, options & expedience were critical. Many competitors of ours only show three options for client consideration, thus limiting areas of exploration. Consider this: imagine if you only had three choices of names to give your child on the day they were born? What qualifies anyone to prescreen the possibilities? Instead, JCMCs philosophy benefits you because we offer clients a multitude of options for consideration. Once chosen and finalized, the new Client Dimensions corporate identity needed to be applied to all their booth materials. For this particular emergency, it is important to note that our proprietary JC Marketing Communications streamlined methodologies allowed us to produce quantity...while delivering quality in a condensed timeframe. In this case, the client received 33 logo options.

Pictured at the top of this CASE STUDY is the final logo chosen by the client. Pictured below are a few of the logo options that were not selected. These examples best convey the level of work JC Marketing Communications produces in a condensed, pressurized timeframe.

Bob Kelly • Client Dimensions


Marty Q - "Table for 2"
Smooth Jazz CD Project

Tuesday evening at 7 p.m., December 8, 2009, we received an unexpected call from smooth jazz recording artist Marty Q, regarding his new music offering: his CD entitled "Table for 2."

Marty humbly explained that in an effort to save money, he employed the services of a free-lance graphic artist rather than first calling JC Marketing Communications (JCMC) for the project he was about to speak.

Marty added, "I'm calling because I have a problem. The record company called me moments ago and said all the digital files my free-lance designer created aren't right. The production manager said the files were unacceptable because they aren't high resolution. Joe, What does that mean?"

Marty wanted to know the details, so to the best of our ability we explained in layman's terms. Not easily convinced, Marty wondered why all the CD graphics needed recreating when the artwork looks so good on his computer screen. To put it simply, all digital files the free-lancer created were unusable... WHY? Because the record company's offset printing specs required the files to be 400 dpi. Unfortunately, the free-lancer provided 96 dpi files to for production. This translates to commercially unacceptable pixelized images.

In an effort to spare Marty any extra fees, we advised Marty to first call his free-lancer and ask the artist to recreate all the artwork that he had already been commissioned to perform. Empathetic to Marty's situation, we added, "Marty, if you don't resolve the issue, please call us back and we'll help." Marty paused, then there was a subtle quiver in his voice. Marty informed us that his entire CD project was at deadline and his products needed to be in the hands of the record company the very next evening (Dec. 9) by 7 p.m. EST in order to meet the record release. He indicated he no longer had confidence in the free-lancer, but would contact him anyway.

Minutes later, the phone rang in our office and it was Marty again. His graphic artist informed him he didn't understand why the files were unacceptable. A representative from JC Marketing offered to call the artist and explain what needed to be done to solve Marty Q's issue.

After speaking with the freelance artist for fifteen minutes and giving him instruction as to "how to play nice with the printer," we asked the artist to call Marty back and resolve the issue amicably.

Minutes later, the phone rang in our office and you guessed it-it was Marty. Marty explained that he spoke to the artist and the free-lancer admitted he couldn't help Marty due to a lack of understanding what the record company needed as well as having personal scheduling conflicts that wouldn't allow the him time to complete the project by the next day.

We inquired further and JC Marketing learned the free-lancer didn't have the computing power to handle larger files, nor did the artist have the time to recreate the files in 400 dpi.

We advised Marty that his only solution and option was to have us (JC Marketing), recreate the entire project in high resolution. And that evening at 9 p.m., Marty and JCMC agreed to perform his emergency the very next day. It required JCMC juggle our other commitments to accomplish Marty's mission. We also agreed to perform the work for the exact same fee the free-lance artist had invoiced Marty Q. How is that for rescue, flexibility and compromise?

Here are the components that needed to be turned around in one day:

One, full length, full color CD that included a 4-page insert, traycard and CD art (pictured above).

Next, full color artwork for a "CD Single" to be distributed FREE among radio stations across the nation (pictured below). The "Table for 2 CD Single " required a cover design and back panel, along with full color disc art and traycard.

Wednesday morning, December 9, 2009

Marty arrived with high resolution raw photography files and production commenced on all the necessary items. Soon, typography/font choice, keystroking of all the content, color adjustment of all images, etc. were in full swing.

We reviewed the original artist layout and noticed potentially troubling areas. Besides the obvious color issues: Marty was way too heavy in cyan making his face blue readability of nearly all the text was reworked. Particularly the text on the spine of the CD was retooled. Lack of experience caused Marty's artist to neglect this area. Instead of stacked text, we turned the text on its side and enlarged it. When a CD sits vertically on the shelf of the discjockey, it is critical he/she easily read the spine because the disc often sits like books on a bookshelf. It prompted us to use various techniques to improve readability without compromising the original photography.

Finally, each panel was put into the printer's templates so that the project could go to press more smoothly. The entire project was created in under eight hours: at 7 p.m. EST all the digital files were flawlessly FTP'd to the record company's website for printing.

The moral of this client's successful story: With JCMC, you get all of the services of a conventional ad agency, yet none of the layers that add cost and cause delays.

As Marty Q explains: "When it comes to dotting the i's and crossing the t's, no other organization compares to Joe and the team at JC Marketing."

Solving problems of this magnitude is where JC Marketing Communications (JCMC) excels. In sea of ad agencies and free-lancers that lack maneuverability, affordability and flexibility, JC Marketing provides all the methodologies and know-how to handle virtually any emergency. In this particular case: SAME DAY TURNAROUND SAVED THE PROJECT. Check out the credits in the CD: "Joe Cekauskas for saving this project."




When marketing on the internet, few organizations fully harness the exciting advantages AND power that high-definition video offers. Utilizing video as a unique marketing tool is how JC Marketing Communications of Southington, Connecticut-Connecticut's most accountable advertising and marketing firm-engages your target market and leverages high-definition video specifically geared for your business growth. You will receive Madison Avenue advertising & marketing expertise ... and movie-studio quality in the heart of central Connecticut from JC Marketing.

About this project:
Our initial meetings with the VP of TOMZ Corporation revealed that TOMZ desired to reach their target prospects through new and inventive ways. JC Marketing presented management with a plan to deliver TOMZ's message to their target audience-through full transparency of their vast capabilities as a manufacturer. How exactly? Further build relationships with existing clientele, while connecting with prospective buyers.

In the specific case of this high-definition video, Southington's JC Marketing proposed this component as part of a larger campaign to ensure TOMZ's potential buyers that TOMZ is THE OBVIOUS CHOICE in the print-to-package manufacturing arena. The high-definition video also serves the purpose of communicating to future hires (employees) that TOMZ Corporation is a great place to work. More than just a "rah-rah" institutional piece, the success of JC Marketing's 360 degree, or multi-layered campaign is predicated on the knowledge that key strategies are necessary components that WILL prove to potential buyers that TOMZ is the obvious choice for making unique parts in the life sciences industry.

The back story:
TOMZ Corporation had not embarked on any formal vehicles of promotion in over a decade and knew that if they were going to grow their products and services, they had to make a commitment to hire marketing communications experts who would do just that.

TOMZ Corporation of Berlin, Connecticut chose JC Marketing Communications over other advertising or marketing agencies because JCMC has over 35 years knowledge and experience marketing ... manufacturers or job shops ... and has the intellectual & human capital to support any 360 degree marketing plan. Unlike a multitude of its advertising competitors, JC Marketing does not need to subcontract-every aspect of our marketing is always accomplished in-house.

How this high-definition video was made:
This TOMZ Corporation capabilities video was concepted, written, directed, and edited in-house by the JCMC team. In all, the high-definition video required six, 12 hour days on location for photography, nearly 20 hours of live footage PLUS 350 stills (for the brochure) in order to accomplish this project. All of JC Marketing's footage had to be meticulously scrutinized, organized and purposed together with custom-designed graphics to create a cohesive storyline for this piece. The JC Marketing team completed this high-definition video in under 30 days. All participants are actual TOMZ employees, not actors.

JCMC is able to accomplish blockbuster movie quality high-definition video knowing we have an incredibly talented staff. JC Marketing employs our own people and JCMC owns our equipment. We utilize state-of-the-art technology such as the steadycam, green screen within our editing & audio recording studio. The professional photography equipment we employ is the same that has been used on the set of the TV series House, and for films such as Act of Valor and Marvel's The Avengers. Working together for over 24 years collectively, JC Marketing team members have an excellent relationship and thus, work closely together through every stage of your project. Time and project management are key to the success of a production of this scope and Southington Connecticut's JC Marketing Communications provides a no-nonsense "do whatever it takes" methodology.

The result:
JC Marketing Communications is relentless when it comes to delivering successful marketing strategies. Our number one goal is to produce opportunities that bring the highest rate of return for our clients. In a short time, this marketing approach has received accolades from not only the target prospects ... also the upper management team of TOMZ. We have observed that the TOMZ staff has a renewed sense of pride; they are seeing themselves and the solutions they produce in a different light.

Call us now: 860.621.8866
while the thought is fresh in your mind

Email: info@jcmcom.com

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