Were your results-driven ad agency alternative... YOU get all of the services, yet none of the layers that add cost and cause delays.

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"JCMC digs deeper
and works harder
than any marketing firm
to help position us for success
in OUR global niche market."

John Tauriello
Director, Sales & Marketing
Albany Engineered Composites

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James 5:11

As you know, we consider
blessed those
who have persevered.
You have heard of
Job's perseverance
and have seen what the
Lord finally brought about.
The Lord is full
of compassion and mercy...

Accountable and reliable,
JC Marketing Communications creates
marketing communication materials and marketing strategies to ensure YOU:


Position your business properly in your market segment—so customers know instantly how 'what you do' benefits them


Differentiate your firm from the competition—so customers see you as the 'obvious choice'


Produce benefit laden advertising materials to make your company 'relevant'—so customers buy from you now


Support your sales staff through marketing consultation services and an innovative array of abilities including marketing strategy, copywriting, public relations, photography, design/layout, printing/mailing/web hosting, and fulfillment


Get your message-to-market faster—so you increase your market share instantly


Uncover benefits and show you opportunities for improvement within your organization—so you increase profits and revenues

Are you:

...the owner of an organization, with sales volumes of $3 million or more, who is responsible for both management/marketing functions AND who lacks sufficient time or skill to promote your business effectively?


...a marketing or communications manager with limited internal staff resources seeking a partner with fresh ideas and the ability to execute those ideas, as well as your own rapidly?


...someone who desires access to our services at the "partner level." Are you 'old-school'...and prefer to work directly with one of our owner(s)?

If the answer is YES to any of these questions,
pay close attention to the following information.

You will receive integrated marketing skills, design, development and fulfillment resources to ensure the successful achievement of performance, cost and delivery objectives

Imagine how much easier your sales goals can be achieved if you had instant access to a versatile and flexible marketing resource with the talent AND know-how to help you grow your business quickly.
JC Marketing Communications (JCMC) of Connecticut's methodology is a proven, results-driven, accountable approach. Combine this with our responsiveness to clients needs, flexibility and maneuverability in a sea of large, impersonal ad agencies—and you will learn why we are unique from ALL competitors. Our competitors say they'll grow your business, but never tell how. WE DO.

Our proprietary 10-point Marketing Analysis System guarantees better marketing/advertising strategy and content

We use a proprietary 10-point system that analyzes your
ad/brochure/website copy using tested, proven benchmarks. Our Marketing Analysis System identifies opportunities for improvement that we can instantly implement for you.

We're the ONLY firm in Connecticut that uses this System. No one else can evaluate your marketing communications as quickly and productively. If we can't help you, we'll tell you so and you won't owe us a dime.

Once we determine where you need help—and 97% of all marketing communications do need help—we will produce persuasive direct-response marketing tools that will get your qualified prospects to take your most desired action.

We will set up tangible, measurable systems to get the maximum return on your marketing investment.

Our three step approach is intelligent, specific and strategic.

  1. We ask the right questions and perform the required research to ensure we fully understand the benefits of your product or service.

  2. We learn about your audience, how they think, and what their concerns and motivations are.

  3. We study your competition by reviewing their ads, literature, and websites. This aids us in developing your differentiation strategy.

Utilizing this information, we are able to uniquely position the benefits of your product or service, speak your buyer's language, contain a "call to action," and get results! At JC Marketing Communications, we bring new ideas to the equation that your current staff members may be unable to provide. Our clients tell us this "fresh perspective" is exactly what they've been looking for.

We adapt proven methods from your industry and other industries to get optimal results for your company. The result...original copy for brochures, letters or direct mail packages that grabs the reader's attention, elicits a response, and generates sales.

Each of our clients has unique goals and missions:
Some are looking to increase sales, some are in need of business tools, some communications solutions.

If you are in need of professional, well thought-out strategies and materials that can take your company to the next level— we provide a huge advantage for YOU.

You've just found a RESULTS-DRIVEN resource that combines a marketing savvy mindset with delivering the highest quality designed lead generating materials... Learn more

JC Marketing Communications develops
marketing materials that can actually
increase viewership, profits and revenue
for YOUR company

With nearly three decades of success, we offer you access to the following:

Throughout many phases of your project, you will work exclusively with one of our owners. Each has nearly three decades of experience and is regarded as an expert in his/her respective field. As a group, we offer marketing consultation services; market research, copywriting; adobe photoshop gurus/graphic design, photography, printing for all marketing collateral; tradeshow; radio/TV; public relations; website development, mailing services...the list is impressive.

And all of this can be obtained cost-effectively on a project-by-project basis.

Contrary to what you may believe...think...or have experienced—today you will learn that a SOURCE does exist that can make ALL your marketing components successful. It's under one roof and is called JC Marketing Communications (JCMC) of Connecticut.

JCMC can be an asset to clients like you because we offer all of the services of a conventional ad agency, yet we have none of the layers which, add cost and cause delays. WHEN YOU NEED IT NOW, no one in North America can produce high quality print materials from concept-through-completion faster than JC Marketing!

An anomaly in the advertising world, JCMC is your marketing savvy, results-driven, no B.S., accountable advertising agency alternative. We have nearly 30 years of expertise marketing companies in a vast array of market segments successfully through print, web, tradeshow, radio, video and MORE! In a world of broken promises, we keep our word...delivering on-time, every time.

We are unique because we utilize proven and accountable marketing strategies and methodologies. Notably our "direct response marketing" methodology which, is much more successful versus the "image advertising" approach that many marketing people use. Direct marketing holds the ad agency accountable. Competitors of ours do not like being held accountable because if their strategy doesn't work...you move on to another provider. We're also a valuable resource for you because you will receive the highest quality execution and deliverables—often produced and delivered in half-the-time...versus any competitor in North America. Want to know more? Call 860.621.8866.

We are privileged to service clients from a multitude of industries all across the U.S.A. JC Marketing Communications (JCMC) of Connecticut has increased profits and revenues for companies from a vast array of market segments including: healthcare, education, manufacturing, property management/landscape, aerospace, financial and more. Our personnel are experts in the fields of marketing consultation, print, web, tradeshow, mailing services, radio/tv and more.

Accountable and reliable, you will benefit from JCMCs versatility and our ability to deliver marketing strategy/content in the materials we produce. In addition, you'll have access to our vast array of services, such as marketing consultation, copywriting, photography, design and so much more. Whether you require marketing research, brochure, logo, tradeshow booth, website, etc—all these services can be accomplished under one roof.

This access is at the "partner level" for EVERY client we serve. Try to get that from a graphic designer, web developer, printer or typical advertising agency. Our methodology involves helping clients develop the best strategy for them, thus, differentiating their product or service in a creative and meaningful way so market share and profits increase.

In almost all cases...you'll be partnered with industry specialists who don't have to be educated about your profession...we have created marketing success strategies for many market segments including:

  • Job Shop Manufacturing: Job shop manufacturers from Maine to California. From aerospace...to fabrication...to injection molding...to screw machining...and many processes in between

  • Healthcare/Medical

  • Technology

  • Education: Agencies, college & high school levels

  • Tradeshow companies

  • Sports

  • Property Management/Lawn Services/Landscaping

  • Banquet Facilities

  • Oil and Propane

  • Financial
                                     ...AND MANY MORE

Call us now: 860.621.8866
while the thought is fresh in your mind

Email: info@jcmcom.com

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